WMCR WORLD MEET #7, Sydney, Australia, 1998
Pictures from Sydney by NILS BJÖRK

The Sydney Society of Model Engineers track
Sydney Track
The Sydney Society of Model Engineers track
The Compitition
The competitors at world ch.
The Winners 10cc
Winners in 10 cc class 1
5 cc World Ch. Peacock prepares to start.
Jim Chadwick starts.
Endre Bogdan 
from Hungary
Rolf Hagel
Burnt down plugs.
Tony Peacock with Helge Eriksson
Tony Peacock pushes the button.
Horst Denneler starts the pink pig.
Walter Röder world record holder 10 cc.
Australian 3,5 cc Monza car.
One of many australian oldtimers.
View of model parks flying field with mahongany tree in bloom.
And they knew how to use it.
The model parks railway.
The boat pond.