1994 AMRCA Nationals Race Report
Anderson, IN

By Dorothy Frymire


DAY 1 - Wednesday, August 17 Practice and for us from the West a hello to our friends in the Midwest and Eastern USA. Everyone was in good spirits and ready to go. Yes guys I found Wal-Mart and most disappointed as I had heard such raves about the store. Harold McCoy razzed me all thru the weekend . Much fun!!!

DAY 2 - THURSDAY, AUGUST 18 Race officially begins Phil McDonald conducted, the drivers meeting and assigned the race committee. Very small crowd, many regular racers missing. A heat went by so fast it seemed the cables were constantly being changed. It was amazing that everyone was on the line when it was their turn to run. We were back to the Motel early, this gave us a chance to relax, socialize, or work on cars, etc.

DAY 3 - FRIDAY, AUGUST 19 More racers arrive, speeds went well. If we had an Award for tough luck, Joe Shelton would have won it, with Roger Phillips runner-up. How about those O'Donnell boys, they aren't only the fastest in the West but also the Midwest, as they now hold this Track Record. Loyd Torrey was not that far behind. Great going fellows. Bob Heywood, a new member from Ohio, ran his new FTL-10cc, and seemed very pleased. That evening was the AMRCA Annual General Meeting, probably the shortest in AMRCA history. The same officers will remain seated for 1995, and the 1995 AMRCA Nationals will be held at Whittier Narrows Park and Recreation Area, in California. We all congratulated Phil and MMRCA on a job well done on the track preparation, Phil personally paid for the cement crash wall Barrier. AMRCA and VMRCA motioned to donate toward the expense. We have to maintain and preserve the existing tracks. Listen to this one. I was given a number to call certain individuals in Northern California, and was given the Area code for ALASKA!!! Thanks a lot!!!

DAY 4 SATURDAY, AUGUST Last day of race. The weatherman really knew what he was talking about, he said it would rain after 1:00PM, and shortly after down it came in buckets. Would have loved to have had 1 more heat, but said quick goodbyes and scrambled with our soggy gear to our cars. Early back to Motel to dry out and get ready for trip home. That evening we had the Awards Banquet, quite delicious and the decorations quite effective in a black and white motif The Awards were super Clocks and Plaques, easy to carry home!

REFLECTIONS Kudos to Phil and MMRCA for a great time and race. Also to those tireless fellows who horsed the cars, without we couldn't race! Good to see Elmer and Lavina Sordelet who drove down from Fort Wayne to say hello. Dick and Violet McCoy were daily spectators.

IN CLOSING~ - (Do I hear clapping ?) Thanks to a great group of racers for the darling basket of flowers and group signed card, I will cherish them forever. But let me tell you a secret. With my love for the hobby I would have done it for nothing!!!!

Later, Dorothy