1979 AMRCA Nationals Report

By Loyd Torrey

First, I must apologize for taking so long to get my letter to Dorothy so she could get the News Bulletin out. It's my fault!

Now that the Nationals are over for another year, we can start making changes and getting our cars ready for next year. When I sat down to write this letter, I started thinking about all of the people who helped to put this year's Nationals on, and I'm going to take this opportunity to mention and to thank each and everyone for their help:

DOROTHY FRYMIRE - I'm convinced that without Dorothy's help, we would not have had a Nationals. She is really the organizer and takes care of the details. She also set up and participated in the pre-race registration, recording the time for each car, made arrangements for trophies, and helped with the Banquet.

MRS. BODAKIAN AND MRS. SHELTON for assisting with the recording of each car's time.

GAROLD FRYMIRE helped prepare the racetrack and provided the equipment. He mixed the fuel and provided mite cables and was head Barbecue Chef at the Banquet.

ROY TORREY helped prepare the racetrack and provided the equipment.

RALPH FLAATEN helped prepare the racetrack.

TED MACIAG arranged for the medals.

CHRIS LUPO manned the center pole for most of the race. He's becoming a part of the fixture out there.

BERT KUEBLER for making up the cables.

ALL THE RACE OFFICIALS who worked the race this year.

AND, last but not least........
MY WIFE JEANETTE and BONNIE for all the work they put into the Banquet.

If, I've forgotten anyone, please forgive me!

Now some thoughts on the race. The weather was beautiful and the speeds support this fact as you will see when you read the results. No major problems or conflicts were encountered during the race. I was happy to see all the guys from the East and their families come to California and race with us this year. There is never a dull moment when Mike and Nick are racing. I sure enjoy their humor. I was disappointed that nobody showed from the Mid-West. Maybe next year??

It was a surprise and a pleasure to have Arne Zetterstrom from Sweden race with us this year. Arne does beautiful work and he won two classes. Arne, Jeanette and I thank you for the lovely present. We really appreciate it.

As you will see, Frymire took top honors this year with his Mark VII and Rossi. He really got the car running strong. The Torrey's had their troubles this year. Dad, Steve and I just couldn't put it together. It seems everything we tried was wrong. We've started working on our problems and we'll be back next season. I want to congratulate all the winners and thank all who participated and helped make the 1979 AMRCA NATIONALS a great race.


Loyd Torrey