1978 AMRCA Nationals Race Report
Anderson, Indiana

By Ted Maciag

Observations on my first trip to Europe; My gosh Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore... Now I know how Dorothy felt when she landed in the land of Oz.

Europe on $10.00 a day - - - don't believe it unless you plan to shoot pidgeons in the park and barbeque them in your tent that is pitched in a corner of the railroad station.

Travel light? - - - At one point I ended up with over 90 lbs of luggage full of contraband race cars and a microscope. I could only walk about 30 yards between rest stops.

Before we left America we had plans to show the Europeans how fast the American cars can run. By the last day of the race we would have been happy to get a run.

Swedish coffee is great - - - They use twice as much coffee and compensate for it by using half as much water. Our coffee tastes like old dish water after that.

In all of Scandinavia there is one public water fountain - - it should be a national monument with a guided tour twice a day. Next time I plan to bring a canteen. The natural carbonated water is okay, but you'll be burping co2 all afternoon.

If you ever get a chance fly SAS Airlines, the stewardesses' are incredible. It is well known that Scandinavia has the most beautiful girls in the world and SAS picks the best of them for their airplanes - - WOW As we were leaving we heard mutterings about breaking out the long boats and helmets with horns to come over here and get back at the U.S. for sending us over.

All kidding aside, we had a wonderful time in Europe due mainly to the great people that we met over there.

Nationals… Chris Lupo did it again. With a speed of 178.93 mph. Chris won the Nationals with his miracle car. I found out his hop-up secret; The fish bowl that he keeps his car in has minnows that work on the engine by nibbling away at the case and sleeve late at night. Ben Laureano also made an amazing run of 159.25 mph, with his un-piped Class 111 car.

Ted Maciag



Our trip to Europe and particularly Sweden was really a fantastic experience. The European Championships and the building meeting of the WMRC will be a fond memory for some time to come. All made us feel welcome and it was such a pleasure meeting the racers from so many different countries. The track in Gavle is really super, covered pits and a club meeting house, with kitchen where food was served during the meet. The weather was warm when we arrived but the last day of the race it rained and was so cold. However it cleared long enough for the final heats. We had such fun at the parties - friendly night and the Awards Banquet. Language didn't seem to be a barrier as there was always someone around to help. The only Swedish word I picked up was TAK, which means thanks. So to all of you in Sweden that made our stay so fantastic TAK!

After we left Gavle - we went to Rattvik, Sweden; in the Darlarna area (lake region) located on Lake Siljan, a fantastic spot. We visited the wooden horse factory and the tour of the lake area. On to Oslo, Norway; and Amsterdam and back to Frankfurt for our return to the U.S. We really enjoyed ourselves and were surprised at how easily we got around. As the saying goes - It's great to go but so nice to be home. Congratulations to Chris Lupo for setting a new AMRCA record at the speed of 178.93 mph. Great going Chris. Since I don't know exactly all the names that helped in my behalf at the Nationals and can't thank you individually I'll just say thanks to all of you.

Roger Phillips is interested in getting a club going in his area. For those of you in the area who are interested contact Roger.

Roger Phillips
35 Davids Dr.
Happauge, New York 11787

The Nationals had a foreign flavor again this year. Jean and Jim Chadwick were here from Australia. Missed them at the Nationals but had a nice visit with them in California. Let me know all your news.