St. Louis Model Race Car Assn, Circa 1949

St. Louis Model Race Car Assn.: Back row, left to right; Charlie Fletcher, Langston, Walter Wilson, Sr., Kenny Read, Al Winter (pith helmet), donít remember the othersí names. Front row: Donít remember the first two, third from left is Vic Schmitz, donít remember, Mrs. Read, front is George Allen, behind him is Walt Wilson, Jr., donít know guy with black cap, man with hat is Al Schmitz, man with pith helmet is Ivan Hughes.

St. Louis Model Race Car Assn. Prototype Racers; Back row, left to right; Charlie Fletcher, donít remember next two names, Walt Wilson, Jr., donít know, Langston, donít know. Front row; donít remember first two, Vic Schmitz, Walter Wilson, Sr. Kenny Read, Ivan Hughes, donít know.

These are the pictures with as many of the people identified as I can remember. If other names come to me, I'll send you updates.

Club was organized in 1946 and raced on a 1/16 mile track, built in a wading pool in Lyons Park, on South Broadway, next to the Anheuser Busch Brewery. Was used until about 1950, when the Belleville, IL track was built and the City of St. Louis took back their wading pool.

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