Buddy L Mite Roadster

by Charles and Stuart Hamill

Two years ago I bought a Buddy L roadster body from Bill Henke at the Sabbatini show. After sitting on the corner of the bench for many months I finally picked it up and started to lay out some dimensions to build up a powered version of this famous old push toy.

The body is stamped steel is fairly detailed and close to scale. I found that a Picco 12 would fit very well in a spur gear configuration.The engine mount and rear axle assembly was machined out of an aluminum block and sits on the chassis at a slight upwards angle. The chassis is a piece of .100 thick aluminum plate cut to the outside dimension of the body. It is attached to the body by a small aluminum tab at the back and a 6-32 screw in the front below the grill.The fuel tank is a modified Perfect airplane fuel tank . Wheels and tires are McCoy and axles are drill rod. The louvered tonneu cover is made from .032 aluminum sheet with a stainless steel roll bar.Panhandle is 3/8th fwide fly wire. The grill is a small piece of metal window screen. The car is primed and painted with PPG Urethane racing red and 2 coats of clear for the finish.

Since Stuart and I only build cars to run--no shelf queens--We took the car to Whittier last month during our scheduled meet. It started first push and running a little rich went about 85MPH.Since then the speed has gone up a little and it looks great on the track.

The Buddy L roadsters are on Ebay all the time and you can usually get one for ten or fifteen dollars. If anyone else is interested in building one just let me know and I'll send you some patterns and detailed photos.




Charles Hamill
June 23, 2005